Much of the expansion of the United Planets after Year 18,000 occured in this area of the universe , about 45 million to 70 million light years from the Local Group.    There are very few Jumpgates in the Virgo Cluster, so travel to a Virgo Cluster galaxy often still requires a larger spaceship equipped with Hyperdrive.

The Virgo Cluster includes 1000 to 2000 major galaxies, plus countless smaller satellite galaxies.  It is all considered part of the same Stellar sector that contains the Andromeda Galaxy, although the Virgo Cluster is divided into two Subsectors, each with hundreds of galaxies. They include:

The M49 Subsector, closer to the Local Group.

The Far End of the Known Universe Subsector, farthest away from the Local Group.

Population breakdown for both subsectors in the Virgo Group:  native races 96%, Orks 1%, Star Elves 1%, Asguardian Dwarfs 1%, other races from Local Group 1%