The True Empire was an interstellar and intergalactic government that was established by Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs who originally broke away from the Star Imperium over the reign of Imperial Sovereign Artei VI and his eccentric religious beliefs. It was formally proclaimed on a planet in the galaxy And 3 in Year 1597 by the adopted daughter of Artei V.

The True Empire, which lasted until it's official reintegration into the Star Imperium in Year 5817, was located mainly in the Andromeda Galaxy (mainly in the present-day Morrow Subsector and Menoth Subsector) and many of it's satellite galaxies (although mostly in And 3, M32, M110, And 5, and And 19). It's relationship with the Star Imperium was for centuries and millennia hostile, but open warfare between the two intergalactic regimes was rare after Artei VI's death in Year 1746.

The government of the True Empire was vested in the True Sovereign, patterned after the Star Imperium's Imperial Sovereign, and the Assembly of the True Empire, patterned after the Star Imperium's Imperial Parliament.

The True Sovereign, however, was an absolute monarch, and the Assembly of the True Empire restricted it's membership to Stat Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs. The True Empire also had hereditary succession to the position of True Sovereign and membership in the Assembly. Aliens were denied positions of power within the central government of the Empire, but otherwise were not discriminated against or oppressed, except for Orks.

The True Empire had an official religion, based upon a version of Monotheism that viewed the Creator God as being gender-neutral, and adherence to the state faith was required for being Sovereign, an Assembly member, or holding a high position in the military, police forces, or government civil service. Other religions were tolerateed, including Incarnatism and other versions of monotheist religion, except for the worship of Mork and Gork, which was banned in True Empire space.

In the final centuries of it's existence, the True Empire was plagued with warfare against other interstellar regimes and internal Ork rebellions. Finally, the last True Sovereign decreed that his government in Year 5791 should merge back into the Star Imperium, which took years of negotiations.

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