The Sculptor Group of 13 major galaxies and dozens of smaller satellite galaxies was after Year 7000 increasingly colonized at first by the Star Imperium and later the United Planets.  The area is millions of light years from the Local Group.  There are fewer Jumpgates here than in the Local Group and the galaxies of the Maffei Group, but more jumpgates than in the Virgo Cluster.  Until Year 7777, the entire Scupltor Group was part of the same Stellar sector as the Milky Way Galaxy, but since then has been divided into number of different Stellar sectors each containing multiple galaxies. Since Year 8919, the sectors in this part of the universe have been divided into Subsectors.

The two sectors of the Scuptor Group are both Intergalactic sectors:

the NGC 55 Sector, which is closer to the Local Group.

The NGC 625 Sector, which is further away from the Local Group.

Population breakdown for all sectors and subsectors in Sculptor Group:  Native races 88%, Orks 4%, Humans 2%, Asguardian Dwarfs 2%, Star Elves 2%, other races from Local Group 2%