Satei III was of the race of Star Elves and Imperial Sovereign of the Star Imperium. She was descended from a first cousin of Artei I and also a had a brother of Artei III as a direct ancestor. She was prominent in interstellar and intergalactic commerce, with her family being a major shareholder in a private corporation headquartered on Asguardia that specialized in free trade with various races of Aliens.

She was born in Year 889, and was an advocate of Incarnatism, although she also professed a belief in a Creator God. She never married nor had a biological child, although she did adopt a Star Elf boy, the future Artei V, in Year 1388.

Throughout her reign as Sovereign, Satei relied upon a majority coalition of Red Monarchists and the Moderate Party in the Imperial Parliament. Many Blue Monarchists in Parliament viewed her in a negative light.

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