Satei II was Imperial Sovereign and daughter of Artei IV. She was a member of the race of Star Elves and born in Year 575. When her father died in Year 601, Satei II was only 25 years old, and Star Elves only became adults at 50 years old. The Council of Twelve assumed a regency, exercising the powers of Sovereign until Year 625 since Satei II was assumed to be mentally unable as a child to exercise the duties of Imperial Sovereign.

She never married nor had any children. In matters of religion, she supported Monotheism, but did not personally care whether or not the Creator God was an Allfather or a Mother Goddess. Moreover, she did not make a big deal if anyone was a believers in Incarnatism.

In matters of politics, Satei supported the Moderate Party. During her reign, the Star Imperium made it's very first explorations of the NCG 5128 Group, Maffei Group, Sculptor Group, Canes I Group, and M81 Group, but colonization and exploration of the universe mainly remained within the galaxies of the Local Group until after Year 5000.

In Year 820, she was assassinated by Orks on a planet in the Triangulum Galaxy, Triangulum Sector, and the Dans Atrosos Subsector.

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