A Rok-class spaceship is an ancient, fairly-common type of spaceship first built by Asguardian Dwarfs 303 years before Year 1, and since then adopted by other races such as Star Elves and Aliens. It has been used for a wide variety of purposes such as exploration, colonization, military defense, law enforcement, and general civilian use.

The common characteristics of a Rok spaceship is that it has a small asteroid as a hull, a Hyperdrive for faster-than-light drive, and the capability to carry smaller spaceships through Hyperspace, especially since they generally lack hyperdrives of their own. A Rok ship generally cannot land on a planet or moon, so it does rely on smaller ships for landing on worlds.

Rok ships have been a standard design used throughout the history of both the Star Imperium and the United Planets. Rok ships originally used nuclear fission or fusion engines for sunlight travel, but later used more advanced engines based upon gravity-control technology.