The NCG 5128 Group is a cluster of 44 major galaxies and dozens of minor satellite galaxies millions of light years from the Local Group.  It was explored and colonized to a limited degree by the Star Imperium after Year 5000, but it was the establishment of the United Planets in Year 13,100 that saw a stepped-up drive to colonize the galaxies of the NCG 5128 Group.  Only the Virgo Cluster has a fewer number of Jumpgates.  From Year 4567 to Year 8700, all of the NCG 5128 Group composed a single Stellar sector ruled by the same Moff, but since then has been divided into a number of different sectors each with multiple galaxies. Since Year 8919, the sectors in this area of the universe have divided into Subsectors.

The three stellar sectors of the NCG 5128 Group are all Intergalactic sectors:

The Circinus sector.

the Centaurus A sector.

the M83 sector.

Population breakdown for all sectors and subsectors in the NCG 5128 Group:  Native races 91%, Orks 5%, Humans 2%, Asguardian Dwarfs 1%, other races from Local Group 1%