The Maffei Group is a cluster of 16 major galaxies (some of whom have satellite galaxies) that is millions of light years from the Local Group.  It was a major target of exploration and colonization by the Star Imperium, especially between Years 5000 and 10,000.  Exploration and colonization of this area slowed almost to a halt under the United Planets.  The Maffei Group has the largest number of Jumpgates except for the Local Group.  From Year 4567 to Year 6233, the Maffei Group constituted a single Stellar sector, but since then has been divided into a number of different sectors, each with one or more galaxies (often one main galaxy and any number of satellite galaxies). Since Year 8919, this part of space has seen it's sectors divided into Subsectors.

The two Intergalactic sectors of the Maffei Group are:

the Maffei 2 Sector, which is closer to the Local Group.

The Maffei 1 Sector, further away from the Local Group.

The population for both sectors and all subsectors in the Maffei Group:  Native races 75%, Orks 16%, Humans 3%, Star Elves 2%, Asguardian Dwarfs 2%, other races from Local Group 2%.