The M81 Group of 34 major galaxies and dozens of smaller galaxies is millions of light years from the Local Group.  After about Year 5000, it was a target of exploration and colonization by the Star Imperium, which continued under the United Planets.  The number of Jumpgates has slowly but steadily increased over the centuries and millennia. 

Until Year 8180, all of the M81 Group and the entire Canes I Group constituted the same Stellar sector, but since then the galaxies in the M81 Group have been divided into a number of sectors, each with multiple galaxies. Since Year 8919, the sectors in this part of the universe have been divided into Subsectors. The three sectors of the M81 Group are Intergalactic sectors:

the NGC 2403 Sector, closest to the Local Group.

the M81 Sector.

the NGC 4605 Sector, farthest away from the Local Group.

Population breakdown for all sectors and subsectors in M81 Group:  Native races 90%, Orks 7%, Humans 2%, other races from Local Group 1%