Hutts are a large, massive, intelligent species of slug native to their home planet Nul Hutta and it's moon Nar Shaada.  They are well known for their involvment in legitimate, legal businesses and commerce, and sometimes are involved in organized crime that includes smuggling, vices, slave trading, piracy, murder, extortion, etc. 

Hutts are hermaphrodites, both male and females.  They give live births, and keep their young in their pouches for 50 years.  Hutts can live to be over 2000 years old, and occasionally a Hutt can live past 3000. Most Hutts believe in a Creator God, though many of them also believe in a version of Incarnatism that states that mortal Hutts become gods after death. 

Hutt populations are found across the Triangulum Galaxy, but rarely anywhere else in the universe.

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