Dans Atrosos, a member of the race of Asguardian Dwarfs, was a prominent politician of the Star Imperium. He lived from Year 8600 to Year 10,026, and was descended from Dana Atrosos and Hida Atrosos. He was a hereditary member of the Imperial Parliament and used the titles of Archon and Moff with equal frequency. He never served as Prime Minister nor was ever among the ranks of the Imperial Viceroys or those who were called Quasi-Sovereign. He did occasionally serve on the Council of Ministers and the Council of Twelve.

In matters of religion, he believed in both a Creator God and in Incarnatism. He was de facto leader of the Red Monarchists and sometimes feuded with Blue Monarchists. Nevertheless, he viewed the Freethinkers as a greater threat than the Blue Monarchists or rabidly partisan advocates of Monotheism and viewed the position of Imperial Sovereign as vital. Therefore, he favored the Monarchist Party over the Freethinkers.

He viewed the racist or quasi-racist views of some Asguardian Dwarfs and Star Elves towards various races of Aliens as stupid and short-sighted.

His descendants in the time of the United Planets remained active in politics, favoring the Incarnate Party over the Monotheist Party or the United Planets-era version of the Freethinkers.

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