In the known universe under both the Star Imperium and the United Planets belief in a divine Supreme Being is common with Star Elves, Asguardian Dwarfs, and various races of aliens

Belief in a Creator God is often combined with other beliefs such as ancestor worship, belief in angels and demons or even deities other than the Creator, reincarnation of souls into new mortal bodies, and Incarnatism.  Some, however, are strict believers in monotheism.

The Star Elf Menoth and the Asguardian Dwarf Morrow are credited with introducing monotheism to Alfheim and Asguardia, respectively.  The Star Elf Yoda attempted to reconcile belief in Incarnatism with faith in a Creator God, and tried to postulate that the Creator was either gender-neutral, or alternated between being a male and female deity.