Asguardian Dwarfs are a race native to Asguardia.  They are a short, but strong and hardy race that is grey-skinned.  Males almost always wear beards.  This race has a long history of cooperating with Star Elves, including founding and running the Star Imperium and later the United Planets.

Asguardian dwarfs traditionally are organized into groups of families called clans, each clan led by a hereditary Moff. During the expansion into interstellar and intergalactic space, Asguardian Dwarfs sometimes organized into new, "artificial" clans, a trend continuing into the era of the United Planets.

Asguardian Dwarfs can live to 1000 years or more, but almost always die before they reach 1500 years old. They become adults at the age of 75.

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