Artei V was of the race of Star Elves and the adopted son of Satei III. He was born in Year 1345, and was adopted by Satei III in Year 1388. His eligibility to assume the office of Imperial Sovereign was questioned by critics in the Imperial Parliament, since he was an adopted son of Satei, not a biological offspring. However, in Year 1406, the Council of Twelve in a judicial ruling that Artei was eligible for the title of Sovereign according to the Council's interpretation of the Fundamental Laws.

Artei V became Imperial Sovereign in Year 1411 when Satei III died. He did not marry or have a biological child, so he adopted a daughter in Year 1500, who was born in Year 1488; and also adopted a son, the future Artei VI, who was born in Year 1484, in Year 1502. A dispute arose around Year 1508 over which child was older, therefore being eligible to inherit the mantle of Imperial Sovereign. Another judicial ruling by the Council of Twelve in Year 1510 stated the future Artei VI was the legitimate heir.

Artei V fell into a coma in Year 1542, and died in Year 1560 of complications due to the coma. Since he was in a state of physical and mental incapacity, the Council of Twelve exercised regency with the powers of Sovereign until his death. His adopted daughter immediately assumed the office of Imperial Sovereign.

Artei V professed a belief in a Creator God and also a belief in reincarnation where souls were recycled into new mortal bodies. He, however, was silent on the question of whether he favored Monotheism or Incarnatism.

He has strong support from the Moderate Party and even from some of the less partisan Blue Monarchists and Red Monarchists. He on the question of the Creator's gender publically stated the Creator was male, an Allfather.

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