Artei IV was Imperial Sovereign of the Star Imperium, a member of the race of Star Elves, and the grandson of Artei III. His father was born in Year 102 to Artei III, but renounced his hereditary right to the position of Sovereign when Areti III died in Year 200.

The future Artei IV was born in Year 199, thanks to an out-of-wedlock birth when his mother had an affair with Artei III's son. Nevertheless, the future Artei IV was raised by his relatively affluent father, and thanks to a judicial ruling by the Council of Twelve in Year 345 which stated that the illegitimate children of Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs in the Imperial Parliament could inherit their parents' parliamentary seats and Archon status, when the future Artei IV's father was murdered by an Asguardian Dwarf criminal syndicate in Year 389, the future Imperial Sovereign gained his father's seat.

The future Artei IV stated he supported Monotheism as his personal creed, and was elected Imperial Sovereign in Year 420 when the Blue Monarchists had a near-majority in Parliament and Artei IV's election was also supported by a few Moderate Party members.

Artei IV from Year 429 to 450 was declared mentally unfit to execute his duties as Sovereign when he suffered from a deeply disillusioned belief that he was the physical avatar of the Creator God and the Council of Twelve arbitrarily assumed the powers of Imperial Sovereign.

During his reign, the Star Imperium started to actually expand into the modern-day Milky Way Sector and Antilla Sector, but was plagued by warfare and armed rebellions by, among others, Orks, Sul-Menites, Sigmarites, and Dark Elves.

From Year 578 onward, he if suffered from a rare Star Elf disease that left him physically paralyzed, and the Council of Twelve again assumed the powers of Sovereign since thy presumed he was physically incapacitated. The disease killed him somewhat prematurely in Year 601.

Artei IV married in Year 571, and his wife gave birth to a single child, a daughter who would inherit the position of Imperial Sovereign as Satei II.

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