Artei III was the fourth Imperial Sovereign and second official Sovereign of the Star Imperium. He was born on Alfheim to Star Elves who were not of the Archon class 323 years before Year 1.

Nevertheless, his family worked as domestic servants and political aids to members of the politically influential Lental family. By the time of the foundation of the Imperium in Year 1, the future Artei III had gained enough support to win from the Committee for Granting Archon Status to win a seat in the Imperial Parliament and Archon noble status.

His religion was based upon strict Monotheism and strict rejection of Incarnatism. He did view the Creator God as being gender-neutral. His politics aligned him at first with the Blue Monarchists, but later he gravitated to the Moderate Party as he grew tired of religion's influence on politics.

By Year 50, he made overtures to the Red Monarchists with his proclamation of toleration for Incarnates, even while remaining a committed monotheist.

In Year 52, Artei III finally mustered a parliamentary majority to get elected Imperial Sovereign.

He ruled the Imperium until his death in Year 200. In the years of his reign, the Imperium first expanded it's borders outside the future Imperial Sector, Triangulum Sector, and Andromeda Sector, mainly into the smaller galaxies of the Local Group that in Year 4567 became Solo sectors.

He also remained a staunch Moderate Party supporter, alienating Blue Monarchists for being too secular in his politics and Red Monarchists because of his personal religious beliefs.

Artei III had three children, but one son and one daughter died before he did, and his surviving son renounced his right to the position of Sovereign, content to the Parliament seat he he inherited from his father. This led to another rule by the Council of Twelve.

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