Artei II, the son of Artei I, served as Imperial Sovereign. He reigned from 256 to 123 years before Year 1. He was born 311 years before Year 1. During his rule, he mainly concerned himself with the local government on Alfheim, including business within the Council of Archons. He ignored affairs on Asguardia and in the First Colonies, although growing numbers of Star Elves and Asguardian Dwarfs urged him to look at interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic affairs, especially the offworld violence involving Orks, Dark Elves, Sigmarites, and Sul-Menites. There was also the discovery of new races of Aliens (not just Orks).

Artei II married 200 years before Year 1. His wife gave birth to his only child, Satei I, 151 years befor Year 1.

Artei II abdicated his rulership 123 years before Year 1, and retired to a monastery in the northern hemisphere of Alfheim that preached a belief in a monotheistic Mother Goddess as taught by Thamar.

Artei II died in Year 212 when he was 523 years old.

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