Artei 19th was of the race of Star Elves, and brother of Artei 18th.  The future Artei 19th was born to the same father as Artei 18th in Year 12,591, although they had different mothers, and Artei 19th was born on a different world in the Morrow Subsector in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Artei 19th, like his (half-)brother, served in the Intergalactic Navy, where the future Imperial Sovereign commanded a squadron of TIE fighters.  He fought the Rebel Alliance, space pirates, smugglers, dissident Planetary Security Forces, Dark Elves, Orks, and governments dominated by Sigmarites or Sul-Menites.

He married a female Star Elf stormtrooper in Year 12,996, who gave birth to his son and only child, the future Artei 20th, in Year 13,000.

When his brother died in Year 13,001, after several months of regency by the Council of Twelve, the Imperial Parliament elected Artei 19th that same year.

However, Artei 19th proved to be politically incompetent, and his Imperial Viceroys, Prime Ministers, and members of the Council of Ministers proved to be very corrupt. 

In Year 13,001, the various factions of the Monarchist Party had 63 percent of the parliamentary seats.  By Year 13,075, the Monarchist Party had only 31 percent of the seats.

Defections by Intergalactic Navy space forces, Stormtroopers, and Judicial Forces to the Rebel Alliance, disgusted at the corruption and incompetence of the government on Alfheim, caused the party of the Freethinkers to gain support in their renewed push for a new republic.

He died in Year 13,091, and his son inherited the title of Sovereign.

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